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Make the internet work for your business…instead of the other way around


What WE Do

We Are A Digital  Marketing Agency

We are a digital marketing agency, heavily focused on SALES!

We help your business or non-profit organization leverage modern, scalable marketing, sales and customer service technology. All of our solutions are trimmed to fit, so it doesn’t hinder the essence of what makes your business successful.

a different philosophy

Perspective matters. It impacts strategy and implementation of marketing and sales automation.  Ours is unique – bringing harmony to your entire team. 

a Proven method

We bring together modern marketing, sales and customer service technology. Solutions-based sales training aligns it to everything your business does well.

uniquely yours

A custom, scalable sales, marketing and customer service ecosystem. Using your WordPress or HubSpot website as the hub. Are you ready to get started? 

How Do You Know If You need us?

If you’re using WordPress for your business website or using HubSpot to try to generate leads, close more sales, keep more clients or all of the above we can help you.

Sometimes, perspective is getting in the way. The technology that drives sales, marketing and customer service success has more moving parts than in the past. It’s very easy to make assumptions that reduce success when the details aren’t part of your day to day experiences.

We can help you.



team members who aren't embracing your marketing efforts

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The people who have brought you success over the years are gemstones to fuel your online presence in a way that meets client expectations and attracts new ones. Strategy is needed to motivate them to transition from the old ways of doing things, to new ways. Forcing new methods rarely works. We can help.

leads that don't turn into sales or NO LEADS AT ALL

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The Internet is often perceived as an easy solution to get sales, or generate leads.  Modern marketing and sales are much more dependent on each other than ever and powering your online presence with an intricate system is the foundation. The reasons you aren’t enjoying ROI from Internet-based technology is due to incorrect or missing strategy for connecting moving parts toward measurable objectives. We can help you fix it.

sales team without a good process

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Leads are one thing, turning them into sales is something else.  Without a solid sales process, leads don’t evolve into sales. It takes more than finding someone who is good with people to convert a lead into a client. Sales training, sales automation technology and a team atmosphere between sales, marketing and customer service are the answer. A complete ecosystem. We can build it for you.

customer service that's behind the times

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Customer service shouldn’t be a separate silo. To be successful, you’ll need to meet customer expectations.  As they become more gadget savvy, and able to communicate their frustrations to a broad audience, you’ll need your customer service team working in tandem with sales and marketing.  Technology makes this possible. We can help you implement and use it.

Desi is an exceptional salesman and trainer, the best I’ve ever worked with. His skill at developing relationships means that he is able to create the kind of trust that leads to reliable loyalty from customers.”

Jeremy Peel

Deep Target

Lisa does extraordinary work. Her writing is exceptional and she helped us grow our business

Kirk Kordeleski

Best Innovation Group

“Your comments were on the mark and everyone seemed to take your presentation to heart. You offered a new approach to sales – taking time to know what really makes the prospect tick. “

Brad English

Alabama Press Association

hubspot user group leader


Inbound Marketing Shop is the official sponsoring agency of the Huntsville HubSpot User Group, the Huntsville HUG.  We invite you to join the North Alabama HubSpot community. A great chance to get to know us, fellow #hubspotters, and learn all about inbound marketing. 



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