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We use modern, internet-based technology to build ecosystems for sales, marketing and customer service without having it end in frustration for the people using it.

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What’s different about our approach?

Our team lived the transition from pre-internet sales and marketing to today’s world of internet-driven business growth. We were leveraging the internet to drive more sales years before it became mainstream.

We have hands-on experience as sales executives of traditional marketing media as internet-based solutions were coming into being.  We know the importance of getting buy-in from employees to change how your team does business. We can help your business grow out of the sales funnel mentality and into the new, flywheel model. 


what is the flywheel

Could it be that the struggle to have the Internet working for your business is tied to how you view the sales process?  Using the sales funnel approach is what we’ve all been taught but technology has caused it to malfunction. It has changed how buyers, potential buyers and clients are able to engage with your business.  This new way, labeled as “the flywheel” by HubSpot, provides the foundation to guide businesses in how to make use of the hundreds of options that are possible for businesses to integrate into their entire marketing, sales and customer service ecosystem.  We can help you implement it.

Shifting Perspectives

Imagine yourself as a business owner at the turn of the 20th century when the automobile first arrived on the scene.  Most of us picture the transition as a gradual shift. People just stopped buying horse driven transportation, to replace it with a new option.

It was actually much more complicated and took many years to evolve into what we’re familiar with today. The shift to Internet-based marketing, sales and customer service technology is very similar BUT FASTER.



Evolving your business to take advantage of more internet-based technology requires a major shift in perspective and it might be one your experiences are not yet able to inform.

Our Founder, Lisa Isbell, and Director of Sales Training, Desi Desiderio are both sales and marketing insiders. Their years of experience working in traditional media as sales executives paired with expertise in modern marketing and sales technology provides you with a hard-to-find detailed perspective. One that is necessary to build a successful online ecosystem that powers profitability.

employee engagement

Our team is experienced in solutions-based sales training and incorporates the “pshycology of sales” to aid both the salesperson and the people doing the buying.  This same strategy is applied to training programs designed to help employees transition from the old ways of doing things, to new ways.

Just like it is in the sales arena, motivation is key since attempting to force new methods rarely works. The people who have brought you success over the years are your most valuable assets. Your employees are gemstones to fuel your online presence in a way that meets client expectations and attracts new ones. This step is a crucial part of a successful internet-focused business strategy.


employee engagement

Our Team

Early in my career I was a sales account executive for traditional print media.  For years I worked closely with many types of businesses, large and small, crafting long term marketing strategy. Working shoulder to shoulder with each one taught me a lot and gave me perspective from inside of businesses. I know firsthand what it’s like to pound pavement, smile and dial, make the monthly sales projections, juggle the moving parts to build a strategy that maximizes available resources with and without the Internet.  My experience developing marketing strategies for a diverse range of businesses as a core service offering while I was also engaged directly in the sales process was the perfect training ground for the digital marketing universe of today.

Lisa Isbell

Marketing & Sales Strategist / Founder of Inbound Marketing Shop

Lisa Isbell

Founder, Inbound Marketing Shop

Digital Marketing Expertise

I am an early adopter of HubSpot’s marketing automation software and inbound marketing methodology. I first received inbound marketing certification in 2010 and left my sales career to become a full-time, inbound marketing strategist in 2013. I created my own online business, an ecommerce site, with WordPress in 2009 solely for the purpose of a hands-on learning environment. I currently hold 10+ HubSpot certifications and enjoy showing businesses how to be more successful.


  • Advertising Account Executive – 10+ years
  • Inbound Marketing Strategist – 8+ years
  • WordPress Blogger – 9+ years
  • HubSpot Certified – 8+ years
  • Search Engine Optimization 9+ years

meet our Director of sales training

Desi is a dynamic business development professional with outstanding success in training sales teams and revenue generation. A skill set that includes management, sales, administering marketing campaigns, opportunity identification, launching new products and co-authoring Street Smart Inbound Selling, Inbound Marketing Shop’s Sales Training Program. He is certified in HubSpot Inbound Sales and HubSpot Sales Software. Some of his business prowess includes strong entrepreneurial leadership, creativity, and an ability to motivate others.

He has worked in Sales and Training in the media industry with companies like Cox, Landmark, Newhouse, Business Journals as well as Business and Technology magazines. He gained experience in the FinTech field as Sales Supervisor for DeepTarget, a digital marketing software solution and Best Innovation Group. Desi has created sales training manuals and classes for many of these companies and their sales teams.

Desi gives presentations at conferences nationwide. He is frequently invited to speak for Media Associations, Tech and FinTech companies, Leadership Groups, Chambers of Commerce and other events. He often showcases a special talent at events…..he plays a mean piano!

Desi Desiderio



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