Keynote Concerts

A blend of professional speaking, business development experience and musical talent allows us to teach business concepts associated with inbound marketing and sales in a VERY memorable way

Leveraging a variety of communication concepts, stories are used to present material that motivates from two perspectives…Corporate America and the Music industry. 


Engagement tO teach, motivate and inspire

Sessions are tailored to your event based on the subject matter below.  We take leverage Music as the Universal language to captivate an audience!


Motivation for you and your team from experience, sales philosophy and business tactics.

Personality Styles

Advanced: learn the motivations BEHIND personality styles to improve team management, customer service, and sales ability.

Growth from Follow-up

Drive growth by making your follow-up/touch points more relevant to leads, customers and even your own staff members.

Data for Business Objectives

How to use data for targeted marketing, staff incentives and meeting business objectives.



“I want to thank Desi for his unique presentation on “Target Marketing” via Piano. He demonstrated this concept with his piano performance which was wonderful. By playing different genres of music, he made the point of targeting segments of the audience according to their (musical) interests…hence targeting. He then explained the technology available to accomplish this. It was a unique presentation that had everyone talking and brought some entertainment to the conference. It was truly appreciated and I would recommend him for any guest speaking sessions for companies that want a new approach to delivering information. A Keynote Concert can work at any event.”

Joan Nieman

Marketing Director, Share One, INC. (New Solutions)



Keynote concert

You choose the topic (we’ll help you) and we’ll put together an appropriate presentation punctuated by music to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Guest speaking only

Without music, Desi and Lisa are both available for guest speaking engagements on inbound sales, digital marketing and business development topics.

Music Performance Only

Desi is an experienced and accomplished musician and available to perform at your conference purely for entertainment.

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