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Everything starts with a Workshop

Get to know us, identify the plan, set the foundation, a complete growth strategy

Get a free consultation with us. We’ll explain how our workshops allow you to get to know us, fully understand how your business will successfully generate more sales, happier customers and an efficient team environment. You’ll know what you need, and exactly how to get it without getting overwhelmed or confused.

Workshop is a one time purchase consisting of the following sections:

building the framework

building the framework

Based on our Definitive Guide to Modern Marketing, we’ll apply our framework to your unique circumstances.

Together, we’ll build a game plan designed to allow your business to take advantage of the latest innovations of marketing, sales and customer retention.  

technology and resources audit

existing assets and Maximizing their value

We’ll provide a Technology Audit and provide advice on options for maximizing the efficiency of your marketing and sales processes and how they’ll be aligned within your entire operation.

We’ll examine what you have and how to use it right away. This allows you to get early successes, while you build the foundation.

fill the gaps

We’ll guide you in setting timelines, goals and step by step plans for your long term success.

Using modern marketing and sales technology can seem overwhelming, we’ll break it all down into actionable steps.

detailed plan in motion

detailed plan in motion

Once the workshop is complete, you’ll have a detailed plan with core assets necessary to set it into motion. 

You’ll have the knowledge necessary to make sound decisions on what pace you can go and how to build an infrastructure. Your own unique roadmap that will drive success well into the future.

Your workshop will consist of 1 to 3 sessions (online or in-person) between you, our team, and your team. We’ll work together to understand exactly how your business works today and the vision you have for the future. Based on our Definitive Guide to Modern Marketing, we’ll apply the concepts found within it to your business.

We’ll help you uncover your team’s mindset, how to get the most value out of your team’s natural style, how to understand your customer’s or client’s perspective in ways that make the sales process comfortable for everyone. Once we’ve mapped these details, we’ll examine the technology your business uses now or should consider using by performing a Platform Audit. We’ll have a clear picture for you explaining how you can use the unique strengths of your business alongside technology for an efficient marketing and sales ecosystem.

The information we gather within our session(s) and our extensive research will be used to guide you in setting up the complete process to execute your modern marketing and sales strategy. We’ll set goals, establish timelines and deliver a basic set of assets (a bottom of the funnel offer with it’s conversion path) to publish them to your website and social channels. A sales training session is part of our workshop. You’ll know how to get your marketing and sales teams working together (even if your team is very small). We’ll cover “sales enablement”. We’ll focus on the ways technology brings efficiency and gives avenues for your team to assess online and offline leads, address lead quality. Most importantly, you’ll be building an efficient system that doesn’t allow opportunities to slip through the cracks.

Workshops are a one time purchase, starting at $1200. The exact content and length will be based on our initial assessment from your free consultation with our team. Once you’ve completed a workshop, choose from our a la carte packages.  Services are packaged to allow you to build at your own pace, aligned to your budget and abilities.

The Workshop will guide you in which “A La Carte” packages, shown below, are right for you and how to get the maximum value from them. Best of all, our system is fluid. The pace is designed to change with you, for scalable growth!

Modern marketing demands businesses innovate to incorporate sales and marketing automation technology.  It involves every layer of your operation, including some you might not ordinarily consider in relationship to your sales and marketing approach.

Our extensive experience in seeing the sales and marketing related challenges confronting businesses in the face of continuous technology innovation inspired us to build a path that allows you to manage the unpredictable timelines that might be associated with shifting the way you’re doing business.

a la carte

Grow at Your own Pace*

Once you’ve completed a workshop with us, you’ll be able to choose the best options for your business to build a better growth model using modern marketing and sales tactics and technology.  We offer a number of paths, designed to make it easy to build momentum. Use a core, annual, service package for the fastest way to get traction. 

Need more time to implement what you learn in the workshop? Go at a slower pace or fill gaps using our one-time package offerings.

Service packages are structured to follow modern marketing and sales best practices and contain a prescribed set of activities designed to build the layers that drive maximum success.

Regardless of which package you choose, it will align to the plans set forth in your one-time workshop purchase which is required for access to our a la carte service packages.

*Completion of a one time workshop purchase is required for access to these service packages.

Fastest Path to success

Core Service Packages – annual agreements

The fastest path to success is to use one or more of our comprehensive core service offerings. These are annual agreements with month to month service delivery and designed for businesses who are ready to implement change at a fast pace. These packages are the most comprehensive and based on the strategy set out from your workshop. Rates begin at $2500/month* for our Sales Training and Enablement Package, and $3,500/month* for our Full Service Inbound Marketing and Sales Package.

*Completion of a one time workshop purchase is required for access to these service packages.

inbound marketing services

full service Inbound marketing & Sales packages

This is our core service offering. It includes a custom tailored selection from 75+ inbound marketing and sales tactics, as well as sales training and sales support services. Annual service engagements based on the plan we craft together in your workshop.

*Starting at $3,500 per month.

Annual agreement, 60-day cancellation option. 

sales Training, sales enablement and consulting

Lead generation without  a system to see them through the conversion process to lifelong customers prevents business growth.

We provide sales training packages . 

*Starting at $2,500 per month. 

Annual agreement, 60-day cancellation option.


training presentations, public speaking: Marketing, sales, Business

We offer a variety of presentations centered on modern marketing and sales best practices.

For something really unique and entertaining, you’ll want to explore our Keynote Concerts! You won’t be disappointed.

Custom rates per engagement


Set Your Own Pace for Growth

Mix and match, one-time purchase packages

These packages allow you to implement inbound marketing and sales as a modern marketing infrastructure for your business at a slower pace or fill gaps when you need a helping hand.  These are one-time purchases at the stated rates, service delivery is within 1-3 months and can be extended up to 4 months at your discretion.

Don’t see the package you’d like to have? Check back often, we’re in the process of adding more options. We’re open to ideas and can craft a custom set of services just for you.

*Completion of a one time workshop purchase is required for access to any of our a la carte services featured below.

Website Mini Inbound Package

website - mini inbound package*

  • Basic website package with our preferred tech stack (and first year of hosting for those who need it). Prescribed set of web pages based on Growth Driven Design “Launch Pad” concept and the direction that will come from your Strategy, Training and Planning Session. Includes basic copywriting and basic SEO configuration.
  • Blog setup. Your branded business blog, ready for you to publish your own, in-house crafted blog posts or you can opt for our blog content packages to add on later, when you’re ready.
  • HubSpot Marketing Free or HubSpot Marketing Starter Setup (allows your company to begin standard inbound marketing best practices of using segmented email and basic email automation to deliver downloadable content to site visitors)
  • HubSpot basic CRM & Free sales tools setup (the essentials for getting started with the tools available in the free version of the HubSpot CRM. Setting you up for success by allowing you to “do” your own inbound marketing, using the right strategy, on the learn as you go path.
  • This package will have you completely setup, allowing you to follow Inbound Marketing Best Practices: you’ll have a blog, and avenues to publish to your social media channels.

Starting at $3,500*


SEO Aligned - Inbound Marketing Campaign

SEO aligned - Inbound Marketing Campaign Package*

  • An SEO structured inbound marketing campaign package.
  • Consists of strategy, SEO research and “Pillar Page” and expertly designed assets to promote it.
  • Content is derived from and partially planned within your Workshop for maximum value in driving your business objectives.
  • Professionally researched, written and edited for you.
  • Blog package to promote your Pillar Page – you choose the content volume (includes minimum of 12 standard length blog posts to enable you to publish at least 4 blog posts per month to promote your pillar page content)
  • Allows you to drive your own strategy, fill gaps, and align to your budget and timeline needs.
  • Follows modern marketing standards.
  • Gives you traction while you build a strong foundation for growth.
  • Recommended purchase at quarterly intervals.

Starting at $1800* – Final rate based on volume, complexity and length of content. 


Fill the Gaps

Stay tuned. Throughout 2020 we’ll continue to add packages of services designed to fill gaps within an inbound marketing focused organization.  

How Do You Know If You need us?

If you’re using WordPress for your business website or using HubSpot to try to generate leads, close more sales, keep more clients or any combination of the above we can help you.

Sometimes, perspective is getting in the way. The technology that drives sales, marketing and customer service success has more moving parts than in the past. It’s very easy to make assumptions that reduce success when the details aren’t part of your day to day experiences.

We can help you.



team members who aren't embracing your marketing efforts

More Info

The people who have brought you success over the years are gemstones to fuel your online presence in a way that meets client expectations and attracts new ones. Strategy is needed to motivate them to transition from the old ways of doing things, to new ways. Forcing new methods rarely works. We can help.

leads that don't turn into sales or NO LEADS AT ALL

More Info

The Internet is often perceived as an easy solution to get sales, or generate leads.  Modern marketing and sales are much more dependent on each other than ever and powering your online presence with an intricate system is the foundation. The reasons you aren’t enjoying ROI from Internet-based technology is due to incorrect or missing strategy for connecting moving parts toward measurable objectives. We can help you fix it.

sales team without a good process

More Info

Leads are one thing, turning them into sales is something else.  Without a solid sales process, leads don’t evolve into sales. It takes more than finding someone who is good with people to convert a lead into a client. Sales training, sales automation technology and a team atmosphere between sales, marketing and customer service are the answer. A complete ecosystem. We can build it for you.

customer service that's behind the times

More Info

Customer service shouldn’t be a separate silo. To be successful, you’ll need to meet customer expectations.  As they become more gadget savvy, and able to communicate their frustrations to a broad audience, you’ll need your customer service team working in tandem with sales and marketing.  Technology makes this possible. We can help you implement and use it.


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